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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do the relevance setting mean/do?

If relevance is set to "normal", you'll see all the keywords with a search volume that the tool finds. Due to the nature of Reddit, a lot of these are irrelevant keywords. If you set relevance to "high", the keywords go through another filtering process that removes the vast majority of these irrelevant keywords. Note: This takes an extra 1-3 minutes (depending on the quantity of keywords, and there's a possibility that it may remove some actual relevant keywords.

How does it work?

The tool pulls up to 50 threads (sometimes there aren't 50 if you pick something like "new") and extracts the comments from those threads. Then, keywords are extracted from those comments, and run through Grepwords to get a search volume. From those, up to 500 keywords (with actual search volumes) are shown to you.

Why are there irrelevant/nonsense keywords?

Checking for an actual search volume clears out a lot of the junk keywords. However, I could not find a feasible way (for a free tool) to classify the relevance of the results. This is why the tool works well in tightly-themed subreddits (like "/r/food" or "/r/paleo"), but not well in subreddits where a lot of random topics are mentioned (like "/r/entrepreneur").

Why does it take so long?

If relevance is set to "normal" (see above), most searches will return results within 1.5-2 minutes. It will be a bit slower if the site load is high. This long loading time is due to 2 main things: the rate limit of the Reddit API, and the quantity of keywords that are extracted from comments (tens of thousands).

What do the result headings mean?

The "Monthly Search Volume" column lists the average number of monthly searches for that term, according to Grepwords. In my testing, this is very similar to the volumes that Google's keyword planner would give you.

How should I use the results?

There are a few main ways to use the results. First, you'll hopefully find some low competition keywords to target directly. Additionally, you could feed this list of keywords through other keyword research tools to get an even bigger list of keywords that you might not have found originally.